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Meet the maker

I hail from the tall pine forests of rural North Carolina, where I developed a love for all things handmade.  Ever since I can remember, I have been creating things with my hands.  Over the years I have had successful art businesses in batik design, basketry and ceramics.  It thrills me to transform a raw material such as clay, fabric or fiber into a beautiful object that brings pleasure to the owner. My artistic path has now brought me to metal, and I feel that I am home.


I now work in a small artisan workshop where I fabricate my jewelry and boxes from wire and flat sheets of silver, brass and reclaimed copper.  The metal is hand-sawed, formed, filed, hammered and polished into a beautiful work of  art which accurately reflects the intended idea or symbol..  

Until recently my passion for jewelry design remained on hold, as I followed my professional path as a clinical social worker, counseling hospice patients and their families and developing a line of educational resources for hospice caregivers.  My experience with people who have limited time to live taught me to cherish life and to savor the preciousness of each moment.  I believe this passion for life is reflected in my jewelry, as each piece carries a tiny, hidden message affirming life.

I make adjustments as needed.  My work could best be described as a balance between refined and organic.  My inspiration comes from the beauty surrounding me and from children's stories, quotes and poems.  Found objects, beads and stones are often incorporated into my work, lending a touch of whimsy, color and nostalgia.  I leave hammer marks to remind the wearer that my hands have deliberately touched and fashioned each piece and that a small part of me travels with it.


Marty Hogan Jewelry booth
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